Install Arista Transcoder on Fedora 18

aristaArista Transcoder ( is a useful transcoder tool build upon Python and GStreamer. It’s not available in Fedora yum repositories, but the installation from source is quite easy.

Let’s go.

First: download the sources from its website and untar them

[daniele@sam ~]wget; tar xzvf arista-0.9.7.tar.gz

Second: install the dependencies required to build and install Arista and the extra GStreamer plugins (if not already installed) via yum

[daniele@sam ~]sudo yum -y install python3-devel gstreamer-ffmpeg gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer-plugins-bad-free gstreamer-plugins-bad-nonfree gstreamer-plugins-ugly

Arista uses HAL which is deprecated since Fedora 15 and removed from Fedora 16, so to run Arista you also need to install python-gudev which uses udev instead of HAL.

[daniele@sam ~]sudo yum -y install python-gudev

Third: build and install the software and remove install sources

[daniele@sam ~]cd arista-0.9.7
[daniele@sam arista-0.9.7]$ python build
[daniele@sam arista-0.9.7]sudo python install
[daniele@sam arista-0.9.7]$ cd ~; rm -Rf arista-0.9.7

Fourth: run Arista from command line or from your application menu!

[daniele@sam ~]$ arista-gtk